Presentation of AMIES in English

AMIES, Agency for Interaction in Mathematics with Business and Society is a national organization that aims to develop relations between academic research teams in mathematics and business, especially SMEs.
AMIES working in partnership with many other french structures in mathematics.
AMIES has three main objectives :

  • Encourage and support new collaborations specifically with SMEs; and increase the notoriety of the value of Mathematics for enterprises.
  • Mobilize, motivate and (in)form the academic researchers concerning such collaborations. 

  • Change the image of mathematical research and raise its public awareness, especially for (future) students. 

This page describes the main activities of AMIES. The links from this page lead to an automatic translation of the relevant pages of the site which is in French.

AMIES was created in 2011 at the initiative of the National Institute for Interaction in Mathematics ( INSMI ) of the CNRS . It received funding through 2019 as part of the future investment program . AMIES relies on a network of facilitators and correspondents in laboratories that promote and strengthen contacts between the laboratories of mathematics and companies.

AMIES is a founding member of the European network Eu-Maths-In , created in December 2013, which shares the same objectives at European level and now includes 14 countries. AMIES is in charge of the service of jobs announcements  that has been extended at European level in 2014.

The main AMIES programs are:

  • The PEPS (First Exploratory Projects support) aimed at supporting the initiation of new collaborations
  • The SEME (Week Study Mathematics-Enterprises) that draw on European Study Groups International (ESGI)
  • The Math Forum Employment , bringing together students , business and math courses, the next will take place on 12.16.16 in Paris
  • The math-business PhD prize , awarded each year under the aegis  of Learned Societies ( SFdS , SMAI , SMF )
  • Support in events (workshops, conferences, etc.) that highlight particular business relationship and math CEMRACS , in paricular in partnership with Inria and SMAI

You will also find on this web site:

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AMIES ordered a Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Mathematics (EISEM), conducted by CMI and which was published on May 2015

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